Convocation of the 2020 General Meeting

The board of the WPIA Cooperative eG - Genossenschaft zur Förderung von sicheren Technologien und Grundrechten im Internet eG hereby convenes the 2020 General Assembly for the

December 10, 2020

at 8.00 p.m.CET (7.00 p.m. UTC)

as an online general meeting according to § 27 of the articles of association.

The agenda and further information will be sent by email to the members' last known email address.

If there is no quorum at the beginning of the General Meeting, the General Meeting can be held after waiting half an hour and has a quorum on all of the above items on the agenda regardless of the number of members present or represented.

Votes and resolutions are made via the online voting system.
The required certificate must be applied from, or submitted to the office at least 3 days before the General Meeting.

Members can be represented by another member at the General Meeting by means of a power of attorney.

Members who are legal persons (associations, companies, etc.) must provide their representatives with voting rights.

Powers of attorney and voting rights should preferably be sent to the office no later than two days before the general meeting.


The board of directors

November 09, 2020


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